About Me

Who i am:

Hi! My name is Elise and I am so glad you’re here. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and focused on trauma-informed care and resiliency while in graduate school, as well as in all of my professional roles. I grew up at the Jersey Shore, went to Hunter College in New York City and came to Richmond, VA for graduate school at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Social Work.

Professionally, I was a school counselor for over 4 years, teaching elementary aged students mindfulness techniques to help them deal with life’s stressors. I also worked as an outpatient therapist for children and families. Since then, I have moved onto new roles that have challenged and humbled me. I currently help several organizations with their communications and social media.

I lead workshops where I teach and facilitate visualization. I am passionate about teaching women about the power of their subconscious mind to dictate their everyday lives, and how to harness this power. I am also a Reiki practitioner and accountability coach. I see myself as a piece in your self-directed wellness plan. I love to write about wellness, mindfulness and healing. I am intuitive in my approach to work and to life. I like to teach people that the way to wellness is within.

what i do:

I am an intuitive healer and coach for women. I am passionate about showing women that the way to wellness is already within them. I do this in many ways, including visualization workshops that include conversations with your future self and reflection journaling, utilizing Reiki as a healing and connection technique, and as a coach by helping women master their mindset using mindfulness. Find out more about specific services on my Work With Me page.

My Guiding Principles:

Empowerment: The state of being in which one can trust oneself and not feel the need for outside approval. All you need is within you. It just takes being brave and quieting your mind so you can access your heart. You already “know” the way. All you need to do is allow.

Alignment: Going within your heart and seeing what is there. When you are aligned, you don’t “tell” yourself what you need- it is already in there waiting for you to discover it. When you do, your life flows, decisions are easy, your ideal situations show up in your life. Feeling aligned in your purpose is the ultimate state of being.

Connection: All humans are wired for connection. Without it, we wither away. Mindfulness opens us to compassion for self and others, and shows us that we are all connected. We have the same needs as all other people. We are all unique beings that are here to learn something. When we accept that EVERYONE has a purpose that is AS IMPORTANT AS OURS, we make way for miracles.