Testimonials for Elise Kindya


a participant of the visualization group sit reports:

I knew and believed in the power of visualization, but being led by Elise brought it to a whole new level. My rational and cognitive mind, I think, had held me back in the past from really reaching my highest potential and really going for it in my visualizations. Elise emboldened me, through her energy and her vivid, encouraging direction, to step in to my most joyful and abundant state of mind. I really felt it. Having gone through that journey in my mind's eye with Elise, I now have that feeling to guide me in my real-time decision making. I feel like visualization is the new "accountability partner," because now that I know what it feels like to have already accomplished my goals in the most authentic way, if I'm not feeling that, I know I need to re-orient. What a gift! Thank you Elise!

a visualization workshop participant would tell a friend who was thinking about coming to a session:

“…go for it! It may seem uncomfortable to visualize in a group if you haven’t before, but it’s actually easier than doing it alone. There’s a clear purpose in why you’re there and harder to become distracted.”

A visualization workshop participant described the workshop as:

“a pleasant, intimate setting, judge free zone!”

a parent who attended a children’s mindfulness workshop:

“…a great introduction to mindfulness for kids.”